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I used to be a plate of spaghetti, now I'm a plague of spaghetti


08/31???/2012: I can't get enough ribcages.

08/30/2012: Every day is PIZZA DINNER NIGHT!

08/29/2012: My past tense is your future tense.

08/28/2012: Como se dice corbata en Espanol?

08/27/2012: Superman is both bird and plane.

08/26/2012: My beard is starting to hitch.


08/24/2012: Do I love you or do I love money?

08/23/2012: Jesus is more perfect than my speling.

08/22/2012: I'm powered by extreme fruit flavor.


08/20/2012: I'm neither alert nor focused.

01/08/2012: Say no to peppercorns.

12/25/2011: As a Christmas present for all the nice children, I give you the lukerpig.com Archives!

12/24/2011: Never forget that I'm made of atoms

12/23/2011: Depicted: My Favorite Dead Dictator

12/22/2011: #LOLLOLLOLOL

12/21/2011: Won't You Come

10/22/2011: Oh yeah, I have over 13 gods!

10/18/2011: It's sure to stun you

10/17/2011: Can you imagine such a fate?

10/16/2011: Follow lukerpig.com on Twitter!

10/15/2011: I can't eat when I'm upset :(

10/14/2011: Birds of a whatever, flock together.

10/13/2011: Don't call it a Comebackbackbackbackbackback

10/12/2011: Please don't get too upset

10/11/2011: KNOCK KNOCK!

10/10/2011: WHO'S THERE?

10/09/2011: Follow lukerpig.com on Facebook!

10/08/2011: But Z?

04/20/2011: Candy and Spice make me NICE!

05/19/2011: Free Our Souls From Fritos

04/13/2011: Splendor and Ruckus... ahoy

04/12/2011: I'm going foreward

04/11/2011: I'm going backward

04/10/2011: George Michael ain't nothing to mess with

04/09/2011: Would I ever be so bold?

03/24/2011: Never Warp through time

03/23/2011: Up Up And Away :(

03/22/2011: Don't know, don't hesitate to destroy!

03/21/2011: Lemons taste like sugar!

03/20/2011: When's the last time you asked yourself the hard questions?

03/19/2011: My my, Miss American Spliggit

03/18/2011: Don't wait til you're done reading this sentence to click this link.

11/19/2010: Don't huff too much glue, now!

09/24/2010: Why Ford. Why Now.

09/20/2010: Who hasn't heard of The Candy Man?

07/05/2010: Girls like Larry because he doesn't play by the rules

07/04/2010: Is that a big pile of Zoot Canoes?

07/03/2010: Have you ever wondered about the consequences?

07/02/2010: Do click this link if you like EXPLOSIONS

07/01/2010: Don't click this link if you hate having fun

06/30/2010: They hate you, you're a vegetable

06/29/2010: Nobdy does it half as good as you

06/28/2010: Does anybody else feel a bit queezee?

06/27/2010: Good lord, is that a hamster or a donkey?

06/26/2010: You have some nerve, mister!

06/25/2010: Smile, it's your lucky day!

06/24/2010: Jenkies!

06/23/2010: Today is the day we all die a little more :)

06/22/2010: Don't let him get away with it!


06/20/2010: DeeDeeDeeDeeDeeDee

06/19/2010: Yrotsed Him!

06/18/2010: He sees you when you're sleeping...

06/17/2010: Watch Out! It's a triple midi update!

06/16/2010: BOOM, all the sudden DJ hits you with a surprise left!

06/15/2010: Destruction Mode: Terminate

06/14/2010: The newest specimen to the Brett Hull Zoo!

06/13/2010: Never knew the world was so round, did you? DID YOU?

06/12/2010: No hurry, Exxon!

06/11/2010: One in the sink, two in the think.

06/10/2010: Perhaps the author should get a billion astro-dollars?

05/29/2010: Don't get caught without one!

05/23/2010: Scurvey Dogg doesn't take kindly to your no-nonsense attitude

05/22/2010: They went on to get married and had three beautiful children before he left her for a blender

05/21/2010: The plight of those with four tearducts


05/19/2010: Knuckle Farming was a popular recreational activity during the Great Depression

05/18/2010: Don't look now, but I'm not wearing any overalls

05/17/2010: Houston, we have a slight problem. We lost our astrojacks

03/19/2009: DJ hopes you feel FANTASTIC

03/18/2009: Before There Was DVDasaurus...

03/17/2009: I'm Magically Delicious

03/14/2009: Feast Your Eyes Upon THAT!

03/13/2009: It's like we're backtracking to yesterdimension

03/12/2009: Have yourself a lick of beer pudding

03/11/2009: I have your spare tractor

03/10/2009: Take your Sludge Back. We only accpet MasterCard.

03/09/2009: Do You Have Stairs?

03/08/2009: I AM THE GREATEST

03/03/2009: Will you be his neighbor?

03/02/2009: I pity your armpits

02/27/2009: UP UP UP! cuz we're DOWN DOWN DOWN!

02/26/2009 2.0: Stuff By DJ and Paint Faces by me!

02/26/2009: Smile! You're on TELEMUNDO!

11/11/2008: He has come

11/09/2008: Steven Hawkings has the Bongos

11/08/2008: A "mature" rendition of Three Blind Mice

11/07/2008: Bow to your new leader


11/02/2008: You won't like me when I'm Fergalicious.

11/01/2008: AND THE ANGELS SANG!

10/31/2008: Spooktacular!

10/30/2008: One in the hand is worth nothing to Bush

10/28/2008: Where is your God now?

10/27/2008: Fo Shizzlez!

10/26/2008: It's time to FEEL GOOD!

4/10/2008: Nice To Meet You!

4/09/2008: One Size Fits All hyperspheres!

2/25/2008: CHOMP!

2/22/2008: ¿Cómo se dice "Zebra" en español?.

12/10/2007: Come, let us adore him.

12/05/2007: It's the inside that counts.

12/03/2007: Supersoak that hoe.

11/28/2007: Cocaine is a powerful drug.

11/27/2007: Go America!!

11/26/2007: WHO YOU GONNA CALL?!

11/23/2007: That's NO GOOD!

11/22/2007: GOBBLE GOBBLE!

11/21/2007: Thousands of years of artistic evolution has lead us to this point.

11/20/2007: This is the wonderment-amazement bar.

7/01/2007: A Grab-bag of FUN!

6/22/2007: George Bush flipping us the bird!

6/19/2007: Woah, Ostrich!

6/18/2007: America's favorite Man-Turkey!

6/17/2007: SCGified Stuff!

6/16/2007: Bad Jpgs!

6/15/2007: Lukerpig lives.

6/14/2007: I Love Jimmy Wales!

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